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Introducing our first app- “Amuse A Cat!”

NOTICE:  A small bug has been found in “Amuse A Cat” Version 1.0.9 that causes the instruction screen to not display properly on some devices.  A fix is being implemented, and a fully-functional update will be available within 48 hours!  Thank you for your patience- this is the first app I’ve ever designed, and it was inevitable there would be minor build problems.

Healthy indoor cats need hours of mental stimulation every day to keep the blues at bay- and sometimes, staring out of the window or finding a bit of colorful string just isn’t enough to keep them active.

“Amuse A Cat” is a high-quality entertainment app for cats, featuring full 3D graphics and HD sound designed to capture and keep your feline friend’s attention!

Unlike other “games for cats,” “Amuse A Cat” was created and designed with the special needs of cats in mind:

– Three different toys are available: a pen filled with Pigs, a flock of Chickens, and a jumble of Mice. More toys are being developed, and will be added -for free- in weeks to come!

– Each of the three toys was programmed with flocking artificial intelligence algorithms, to ensure that they move naturally and convincingly!

– All toys have been given bright surface textures that are in the color spectrum that cats see most vividly: Blues, Violets, and Greens.

– Each toy features different background nature sounds, along with randomly-occurring “scritches” to provide the illusion of life!

Each cat in our house plays with “Amuse A Cat” in a different way:

Our oldest enjoys just watching the toys as they skitter to and fro. Our youngest finds pleasure in whacking the toys and watching them skitter away. Our middle-aged maine coon will hover over the screen for hours, desperately trying to figure out where the pigs go, when they wander off-screen.

Enrich your feline friend’s life today with “Amuse A Cat!”

App compatible with iPad 2 and above.

NOTE: UPDATE to V2.0.2, within 48 hours!

12 hours after the release of “Amuse A Cat,” the first update is done. I dunno how long it will take to get it up, as I’ve never done an update before, but it will be soon.

1: Better textures on Chicken & Pig playpens
2: Removed and downsized a few of the animal textures, so there should be a slight improvement in loading times.
3: Improved Pig texture, to be more compatible with feline visual spectrum.
4: Mice AI script has been tweaked, to ensure that the mice do not get stuck off-screen.


If you purchased “Amuse A Cat,” and are experiencing technical issues, please write to us.  Please include a detailed description of your issue, and what device you are running the game on.  We will respond ASAP.

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