Peace Island

An open-world adventure game
set on a small Maine island.

Eric's Animation

Using technology to make the mundane remarkable.

Eric's Design/Imagery

CGI for all purposes and any budget: From lush alien worlds,
to messy bedrooms and simple logos.

Eric's Resume

A quarter-century of providing exceptional service to
exceptional companies, individuals, and causes.

Eric's Videos

From the browser, to television, to Times Square.
Versatile pre- and post-production services.

Experience - Versatility- Imagination - Dedication

  • A quarter-century of experience in producing high-quality 2d and 3d animation, video effects and post-production, illustration, logo design/re-branding, and e-learning courses.
  • Clients include Presidential Campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, A-List Celebrities, Cable Networks, International Labor Unions, Political Parties, and Advocacy Groups.
  • Citations for innovation and excellence from The New York Times,, and The National Association of Muslim Women.

  • If you are in need of audio/visual content, whatever the medium, contact me today.


    Specialized visual communication


    3d and 2d imagery for a variety of uses.

    Reasonable rates, quick delivery, proven results.