Amuse-A-Cat App – A Game for Cats!

Introducing our first app- “Amuse A Cat!”

Healthy indoor cats need hours of mental stimulation every day to keep the blues at bay- and sometimes, staring out of the window or finding a bit of colorful string just isn’t enough to keep them active.

“Amuse A Cat” is a high-quality entertainment app for cats, featuring full 3D graphics and HD sound designed to capture and keep your feline friend’s attention!

Unlike other “games for cats,” “Amuse A Cat” was created and designed with the special needs of cats in mind:

– Three different toys are available: a pen filled with Pigs, a flock of Chickens, and a jumble of Mice. More toys are being developed, and will be added -for free- in weeks to come!

– Each of the three toys was programmed with flocking artificial intelligence algorithms, to ensure that they move naturally and convincingly!

– All toys have been given bright surface textures that are in the color spectrum that cats see most vividly: Blues, Violets, and Greens.

– Each toy features different background nature sounds, along with randomly-occurring “scritches” to provide the illusion of life!

Each cat in our house plays with “Amuse A Cat” in a different way:

Our oldest enjoys just watching the toys as they skitter to and fro. Our youngest finds pleasure in whacking the toys and watching them skitter away. Our middle-aged maine coon will hover over the screen for hours, desperately trying to figure out where the pigs go, when they wander off-screen.

Enrich your feline friend’s life today with “Amuse A Cat!”

App compatible with iPad 2 and above.  Android version under development

If you purchased “Amuse A Cat,” and are experiencing technical issues, please write to us.  Please include a detailed description of your issue, and what device you are running the game on.  We will respond ASAP.

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